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THRIVE Mentoring Team

St. Aloysius High School's THRIVE Mentoring Team is part of the THRIVE Mentoring Program in Vicksburg, Mississippi. "THRIVE" stands for Teaching Heroes to Relate by Inspiring, Validating, and Empowering.
The THRIVE Mentoring Program is made possible through a partnership between Vicksburg Catholic School and Families First for Mississippi, the Junius Ward Johnson Memorial YMCA, and United Way of West Central Mississippi. Team members, or mentors, are responsible for tutoring and playing games with students at assigned local elementary after-school sites (YMCA PrimeTime) and St. Francis Xavier Elementary. Mentors are students from Vicksburg Catholic School and the Vicksburg-Warren School District that want to make a difference in our community.
Applications for the THRIVE Mentoring Program are available for all junior and senior high school students living in the Vicksburg area.