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Teachers (Elementary and High School)

Teachers (Elementary and High School)
Vicksburg, MS
• Recognizes and supports the unique Catholic Mission of the school by speaking, acting, and
instructing consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church; a teacher may not espouse any doctrine inconsistent with the teachings of the Church.
• Gives evidence of lived Gospel values by being an active member of a faith community and
being open to the importance of personal faith journey; strives to model the teaching of Jesus
by attitude and example.
• Help build the school’s faith community by a demonstrated willingness to participate in and
plan school religious and service activities.
• Effectively plan for classes by preparing lessons designed to implement stated goals and
objectives and by incorporating school and diocesan curriculum objectives in lesson plans.
• Demonstrate competence in teaching by demonstrating current, thorough knowledge of
curriculum and subject matter and be able to communicate effectively with students; be able to organize classroom learning and materials to maximize student time on tasks as well as
motivate student learning.
• Develop and use effective methods of evaluation that are directly related to curriculum
objectives and to concepts and skills taught; consistently and effectively evaluate student
• Establish a consistent disciplinary approach, which promotes self-direction and positive selfimage; set high standards for student behavior and manager inappropriate behavior effectively.
• Maintain a functional and pleasant learning environment
• Being on-time for duty assignments
• Cooperate with school and diocesan administration; work effectively with all staff members to promote positive relationships with students and parents.
• At all times demonstrate professional responsibility in enforcing diocesan and school policies and regulations
• Maintain confidentiality of information, display sound judgment in dress and general behavior.
• Perform other duties as assigned by the administration
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