Registration & Admission

Registration and Admission Schedule:

  • March– Current student registration begins. Link to online registration forms will be emailed to the primary parent of record. Catholic families also need to submit their annual PAF to church. 
  • March– New student application packet information may be picked up in the school offices during Open House, downloaded from our website, or emailed upon request.
  • March– Completed new student admission applications will be accepted. Applicants seeking admission should submit their application by March 1st for Early Decision.
  • March– Beginning date for principal meeting appointments and any applicable placement screening for new students. 
  • May 1st –
    • Current student registration fees and forms are due. Notice due to Registrar for students who are not returning next year.
    • Families of new students must complete registration online. FACTS enrollment must be completed to finalize registration (email with instructions will be sent after processing of registration forms).
    • Parish Affiliation Forms for Catholic families due to parish office for pastor's signature.
  • April 15th – Families wishing to apply for reduced tuition must submit their application and supporting documents to FACTS Grant & Aid by this deadline.
  • May 1st – Families wanting to change their FACTS payment plan must contact the Business Manager by this deadline. An administrative fee of $55 will apply for late requests.
  • May 1st – FACTS payment plans for registered students of currently enrolled families will automatically roll-over and finalize.


Registrations and admissions will continue after these deadlines subject to late fees (where applicable) and availability of enrollment spots in the requested grade.


Don’t forget to recommend new students to our school, and take advantage of the tuition reduction incentive! You can receive a $250 credit per student you recommend that registers for the school year, up to $1,000!*

* Tuition Reduction Incentive form must be signed by both the existing VCS family and the new family. New students must complete the school year in order for the credit to be applied.