Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to be Catholic to attend Vicksburg Catholic School?   Families of all faith traditions are welcome. Approximately 60% of the student population is non-Catholic.

Are religion classes required?   Every student has daily religion or theology class. Our program focuses on the Person of Jesus Christ. Students are building a relationship with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The program supports faith that is living in the domestic Church and the universal Church. Activities involve reflection, scripture readings, Catholic social teaching, vocational awareness, and missions. Children learn music and prayers and integrate them into liturgical celebrations.

What is included in tuition and fees?  Tuition is the main source of income for school operations. Fees provide for building maintenance, capital fund, textbooks, workbooks, a student parking permit, student ID card/all-sports pass, computer and technology use, SAHS class dues, classroom materials, elementary art and school supplies, Weekly Reader subscription, a yearbook, PTO dues, standardized testing, and elementary/middle school planners. New students applying for admission will pay a one-time fee for administrative processing of their application. Fees are non-refundable and cannot be pro-rated.      

What is not included in tuition and fees?  After-school care, meals, uniforms, retreats, field trips, extracurricular school activities (clubs, athletics, band, cheerleading, dance, etc.), junior high/high school supplies (notebooks, pens, pencils, etc.), lab fees for certain courses and tuition/fees/books for Dual Enrollment classes offered in partnership with Hinds Community College.                                       

Are scholarships or financial aid available?  Reduced tuition is offered to families of registered students.  Applications must be submitted online and verified through FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment.

What is FACTS?  Vicksburg Catholic School co-sources with FACTS Management Company for payments. Parents/Guardians manage their family's tuition and other payments conveniently and flexibly. There are multiple tuition payment plan options that include checking or savings accounts and credit cards. FACTS also offers an optional Peace of Mind benefit which will pay the remaining balance of the agreement (up to $30,000-except payments in arrears) in the event of the death of a responsible financial party. For help with your FACTS account, contact Customer Service: 866-441-4637.

Do I have to sign up for FACTS?  Yes, every family at Vicksburg Catholic School must make their payments for school charges (tuition, book/building/activity fees, and after-school care) through FACTS. The school collects only application and registration fees separately before families can be enrolled in FACTS.

What payment plans are offered?  Parents, guardians or other financially-responsible persons may choose one of two options when enrolling in their FACTS plan. A) Monthly payments, 12 payments June-May. $55 FACTS annual enrollment fee. B) Payment in Full, due in June, FACTS annual fee $20.

How does fund-raising support Vicksburg Catholic School?  All families are encouraged to participate in our fund-raising opportunities in an effort to continue providing affordable tuition rates.             

What are the lunch program options?  Vicksburg Catholic School offers a full service cafeteria.  Students may order lunch from the cafeteria or bring their own on a daily basis. An electronic, pre-paid debit system is used for all cafeteria purchases. Spending limits are optional at the written request of parents. Balance notices are sent weekly by email to the address designated on the registration form. Menus and price lists are published on the website. Federal reduced or free lunch programs are not available. St. Aloysius students may purchase breakfast or snack items in the cafeteria during a morning break period. St. Francis students are to bring a snack according to their teacher recommendation.

Are uniforms required?  The uniform is a symbol of identity at Vicksburg Catholic School and must be worn to school at all times. Students in uniform improves security, promotes a disciplined environment, increases school pride and decreases peer pressure and class distinctions. Annual uniform sales are held on campus and may be ordered online.

What are the after school care options?  Children in Grades PK-6 may attend an optional after-school care program from dismissal time until 5:30 p.m. for an extra fee. Rates are published on the tuition scale. Enrollment options include drop-in as needed, 3 days per week or 5 days per week. If you are running late for pickup time, St. Francis students will be sent to after-school care 15 minutes after dismissal time. Coaches and sponsors supervise St. Aloysius students who are participating in an extracurricular activity that meets or practices after school.  Otherwise, after-school supervision is not available. St. Aloysius students are to be picked up within 15 minutes after classes/activities have dismissed for the day.