Child Protection

The Diocese of Jackson is committed to ensuring that no one being served by the church be (is) at risk of sexual abuse or exploitation by clergy, religious or lay church personnel. The spiritual well-being of all the victims, their families and others in the community is of particular concern to the church. In accordance with our policy, all victims are offered counseling and pastoral care.
Anyone who has been a victim of abuse or exploitation by clergy, religious or lay church personnel and has not yet reported it is encouraged to do so. Our victim assistance coordinator, Valerie McClellan, a licensed social worker, is available to assist in making a report. Please contact her at 601-326-3728. For more information about diocesan policies and procedures and to learn what the diocese is doing to create a safe environment for everyone, please visit the diocesan website at and click on “Protection of Children.”
Bishop Joseph R. Kopacz, D.D., Ph.D.
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To learn more about child protection and VIRTUS Online, visit the Catholic Diocese of Jackson's Office for the Protection of Children.