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Employees and Volunteers

Once a background check and initial training have been completed, individuals register for VIRTUS Online, a program and service of the National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc. Within this portal, VCS employees and volunteers will have access to monthly safe environment training bulletins. Each month, registrants will receive reminders from VIRTUS Online when a bulletin is available.  Persons who fall behind more than three (3) bulletins are purged from the system. To be re-instated, the person must pay a fee for a new background check and start all over with new training.
Vicksburg Catholic School posts a monthly status report of Child Protection compliance on ParentsWeb. To see the report, you must first log in with your parent or faculty/staff account credentials. On the home page, look in the in the “School Links and Files” box. Then click on the “View” icon to download and read the document (PDF format).
Step 1 - Application & Background Check
Individuals wishing to be considered for employment and volunteer service must submit an application and undergo a background check. Download the form at the link below. Complete and return to our coordinator, Mrs. Leigh Ann Field ([email protected]).
Step 2 - Initial Training
Applicants must attend an initial training session at school. All training dates for the school year are held in the fall. If interested in being a volunteer this school year (chaperone, concession worker, etc.) Make plans to attend one of the dates listed below: 

Child Protection Training for VCS:

  • Anyone planning on attending field trips, class parties, volunteering in the classroom, sporting events, or other activities must be child protected.
  • If you have not been through training, you must first fill out the application form then attend one of the training dates. If you are already reading the monthly bulletins you have gone through the initial training.

Step 3 - Ongoing Monthly Training
Monthly Virtus bulletins are required to remain compliant with Child Protection Training.  Please remember that all VIRTUS bulletins should have been read and completed by the 15th of the month. It is very important to remain current at all times. See information below about ongoing training requirements: