Admission Procedures

Vicksburg Catholic School seeks students from a diversity of backgrounds and does not discriminate based on religion, race, color, gender, creed or national origin. We encourage and expect the highest achievement intellectually, spiritually and individually.


We strive to admit students who demonstrate the ability to succeed academically and who demonstrate a desire to participate in the religious and extra-curricular activities of the school community. The school will take into consideration factors that include, but are not limited to: behavior, attitude, educational strengths and weaknesses, date of application, previous relationship with the school, any special needs that can be accommodated with programs offered at Vicksburg Catholic School, and parental support.



Through the admission process, we try to identify students and their families who will benefit from the educational program at Vicksburg Catholic School.  We require documentation that indicates the student is working successfully in his/her current studies and that his/her academic profile indicates he/she can be successful in our curriculum. The following required documentation must accompany the submitted application:

□   Admission Application completed in full (online)

□   Application fee (non-refundable unless application is denied due to lack of available enrollment spots)

□  Copy of birth certificate and Social Security card

□  Copy of custody papers or parental agreement, if parents are separated, divorced or never married

□  Readiness Questionnaire completed in full (Grades PK-K online)

□  Copy of student’s most recent transcript, report card and/or progress report (Grades 1-12)

□  Copy of student’s most recent standardized test scores (Grades 1-12)

□  Documentation of special needs, if applicable

  • Immunization. State law requires that each student have a Certificate of Immunization Compliance (Form 121) or a Certificate of Medical Exemption (Form 122) on file at their local school. Parent/guardian must provide the original document before the child attends orientation or first day of school.
  • Parish Affiliation Form. Catholic families must submit a PAF to their church to be considered for admission priority (Grades PK-12) and the lower subsidized tuition rate (Grades K-12).
  • Meeting. All applicants and at least one parent/guardian will meet with the principal to determine, among other things, their willingness to support Christian values and their interest in joining the Vicksburg Catholic School community. The Registrar will call to arrange an appointment after all required application materials are received.
  • Placement Screening. Results of one or more grade-level appropriate tests or screening procedures are used for student placement in Grades PK-2. Costs of school-administered tests and/or screenings are included in the application fee. The school will call to arrange an appointment after all required application materials are received.
  • Acceptance and Registration. A letter with the admissions decision will be sent after the principal meeting and determination of available space in the requested grade. If accepted, parents/guardians will have a few days to confirm acceptance of the offer of admission and establish a payment plan with FACTS.

As a parochial school, Vicksburg Catholic School gives priority consideration to Catholic families, but students of all faiths are admitted. Qualified applicants are admitted to Vicksburg Catholic School in the following priority:

  1. Children of Catholic families with siblings currently enrolled in the program
  2. Children of local Catholic parishioners (St.Mary, St.Michael or St.Paul)
  3. Children of other Catholic parishes
  4. Children of other faith families with siblings currently enrolled in the program
  5. Children of other faith traditions