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Registration and Admissions for 2018-2019 is Now Open!

Tuition Rates & Payment Options

Vicksburg Catholic School co-sources with FACTS to manage tuition and fee collections (other than registration and application fees). Financial parties have convenient online access and 24/7 telephone support to help manage their payments. See the information below for further details. 
Families needing a receipt of payments for their tax returns or other accounting can find a "Payment Summary" report in their FACTS account: 
Select "View Details" on the landing page next to Payment Plan & Billing then click "View Payment Summary." It can be printed for any specified date range by using the filters. Each payment summary is compiled by student, term, subaccount, and includes our school’s Federal Tax ID number.
If you have any further questions, contact FACTS customer service at 866‐441‐4637.