Athletics and Activities

Service, academic, and leadership clubs, sports, honor societies, band and choral music groups provide abundant opportunities for everyone.


Academic Competitions:

High school students may be selected for Math and Science Team, Quiz Bowl, Robotics Team and Mock Trial Team. Junior high students may sign up and compete in Science Olympiad, Math Counts and Geography Bee. Elementary students compete in Robotics Teams, Spelling Bees, Reading Fairs and Science Fairs.



St. Francis students are invited to participate in football, cheerleading, basketball, baseball, etc. sponsored by local community organizations.


St. Aloysius fields several junior high/middle school, junior varsity and varsity teams. St. Francis sixth graders may participate in some St. Aloysius sports. Seventh and eighth graders may also participate with high school students on varsity/junior varsity teams.

St. Aloysius promotes student participation in multiple sports. Numerous graduates have been recruited to play at NCAA and NJCAA colleges and universities.


Basketball (boys & girls)


Cross Country (boys & girls)

Flashettes dance squad


Golf (boys & girls)

Soccer (boys & girls)


Swimming (boys & girls)

Tennis (boys & girls)

Track & Field (boys & girls)

JH Basketball (boys & girls)

JH Cheerleading

JH Dance- Dazzlers

JH Football

The St. Aloysius athletic program is governed by the MAIS. We are a AAA school often competing with AAAA schools. All eligibility requirements of the MAIS apply. See Section VI of the AAC Handbook on the MAIS website for details. Some of the requirements are highlighted as follows:

  • A student shall be enrolled in school and taking at least four (4) major academic subjects.
  • Upon entering the 9th grade, a student will have four (4) consecutive years of eligibility.
  • To be eligible for the first semester of a school year, a student must have accumulated four (4) major units (credits) the previous academic year. Any student athlete eligible at the beginning of the new school year shall be eligible for the entire school year.
  • Any student-athlete who transfers from one MAIS member school to another member school shall be ineligible to participate for a period of one (1) year.
  • A student transferring from a non-member school to a MAIS member school will be eligible when he/she enrolls provided he meets all other eligibility requirements. A student who transfers from a member school to a non-member school, and then to another member school, is ineligible to participate in inter-school activities until (1) school year from the time he/she left first member school.
  • There is a one (1) calendar week (7 calendar days) waiting period before any transfer can participate in inter-school competition.
Form requirements must be completed for each school year:  
  • Annual physicals are required for student athletes. A student cannot participate in any tryouts, workouts, practices, etc. when the most recent physical on file is more than 12 months old.
  • Forms must be signed by parent and student athlete: Participation Agreement, Consent Form, Emergency Forms and Concussion Form.


Fine Arts:

In addition to fine art classes, St. Aloysius students have the opportunity to join the Purple Pride Marching Band and they can participate in the choir and school plays. St. Francis students have weekly art and music classes and they participate in music programs. The Keynote Singers group competes in local competitions. Beginner band is offered for fifth and sixth graders.


Honor Societies:

Eligible students (Grades 10-12) may be inducted in Mu Alpha Theta and National Honor Society. Eligible students (Grades 8-9) may be inducted in National Junior Honor Society.



Junior high and high school students may be elected by their peers for Student Government Association. High school students may apply and be selected for Retreat Team.


Mentoring Program:

The mentoring program pairs a first-time St. Aloysius student with an older student who serves as a mentor to help students make the transition during their first year at St. Aloysius.



All students (Grades 5-12) experience an annual one-day retreat with fellow classmates to grow spiritually as children of God. Seniors attend a multi-day retreat and mission trip.


Service Clubs:

Interested St. Aloysius students may sign up annually for Environmental Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Key Club, or Liturgical Team.



Service learning activities foster a spirit of volunteering that will encourage students and graduates to remain active in the community as adults.  This teaches students that faith is not just a personal response to God’s love, but is also a communal response to love one another as Jesus taught us.  St. Francis students participate in monthly community pantry collections and numerous projects throughout the year. St. Aloysius students are required to perform a minimum number of service hours each quarter. Service hours are reported on a log form and computed as part of the student’s Theology grade:

11th & 12th Grade 8 hours per quarter

9th - 10th Grade - 6 hours per quarter

7th - 8th Grade - 5 hours per quarter