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Retreat Team
2020-2021 Retreat Team Members
  1. Caton Blackburn (Captain) 
  2. Taylor Chewning 
  3. Bradi Davidson  
  4. Ryan Fields 
  5. Adam Francisco 
  6. Madison Hedrick 
  7. Ashley Jarratt 
  8. Anna Lamanilao (Captain) 
  9. Joshua Larsen 
  10. Alana Latorre  
  11. Julia Liggett 
  12. Hunter McBride  
  13. Raven McDonald 
  14. Cooper Madison 
  15. Conner Paxton 
  16. Sara Pratt  
  17. Maggie Roberson 
  18. Jane Ranager  
  19. Elizabeth Theriot 
  20. Christina Waisner 
  21. Analese Warnock  
  22. Wes Warnock 
St. Aloysius Retreat Team Prayer
Lord, your power, authority, and leadership have changed the world;
and more importantly, can change us as we try to appreciate these qualities.
We come together today to thank you for sending Jesus to us.
We ask you to help us grow closer to Him and closer to each other
so that we can be a strong force for good in our world and especially at St. Al. 
You make each of us leaders. Help us to recognize this call,
to respond affectively and to accept our responsibilities.
The light of God surrounds me,
The love of God enfolds me,
The power of God protects me,
The presence of God watches over me,
Wherever I am, God is.
Prayer of a Teenager
O Lord, I am at an awesome place
and on my way to adulthood. 
Send your spirit to nourish me and lead me
as I strive to develop my faith and share it with my peers. 
Help me to develop moral values, positive attitudes and a healthy self-esteem. 
I pray to develop a sense of responsibility
and find my place in the life of your Church. 
Help me to be comfortable talking to you in prayer and live a genuine Christian life.