Elementary, Middle School and High School

Children are taught to become independent and self-disciplined. Cooperative learning is encouraged in a friendly atmosphere as we strive to strengthen self-esteem, develop good character, and put God first in our daily lives. Curriculum is integrated across all subjects. Student learning is enhanced through the use of technology, research projects, celebrations, presentations, guest speakers, and field trips.


St. Francis Xavier Elementary students are taught foundational studies including religion, math, reading, language, science and social studies, as well as co-curricular subjects: physical education, art, music, computer, and library.


St. Aloysius High School offers a college preparatory curriculum. Honors and Advanced Placement classes are offered in certain subjects. For more information, view the Course Catalog and Graduation Requirements. Students have a seven-period schedule of 50-minute classes. Morning break and lunch periods for junior high students are separate from high school students. 


Language Arts

The language arts program includes reading, writing, spelling, phonics, and grammar. Students experience a wide variety of literary forms and genres. Writing is incorporated daily across all subjects through journals, sentence writing, reports, poetry, and essays. Novels are integrated to enrich the reading curriculum and to promote reading for pleasure in third through twelfth grades. The Rowland Reading Foundation language arts program Superkids has been adopted for kindergarten to second grade. It includes an online portal for children to play games and read interactive books and magazines at school or on their home computers. Elementary students also participate in the Accelerated Reading Program which includes a Home Connect portal for parental reports and online practice. A vocabulary program that teaches our students the definition, the spelling and the use of various words has been implemented fourth to twelfth grades. English courses are offered on an honors level beginning in the eighth grade.



Elementary students grow in math skills through vocabulary, guided practice, independent practice, problem solving, homework, review, and tests.  The Go Math Series in Kindergarten and First Grade builds on prior learning while presenting new skills in increments, with time provided for student practice. The Harcourt math series in second through sixth Grades emphasizes higher-order critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  Pre-Algebra is taught in the seventh grade.  Beginning in the eighth grade, math courses are offered on an honors level and students begin earning credits toward graduation starting with Algebra I.



Science instruction includes the development of concept understanding, literacy and vocabulary, as well as hands-on activities that encourage inquiry and exploration. The Nancy Larson® Science programs have been adopted for kindergarten through fourth grade. The programs ensure an in-depth study of topics that help promote long-term learning and understanding of concepts. Seventh and eighth grade students have introductory life and physical science courses. Numerous science courses are offered for high school credit including honors and Advanced Placement for juniors and seniors. 


Social Studies

The social studies program includes civics, history, geography, and economics. Students learn about various communities in their past and present day. They learn the characteristics needed to be responsible citizens. Specific social studies courses are required for graduation. Effective with the 2017-2018 school year, eighth grade students will earn high school credit for MS Studies and Geography.



High school electives vary each year depending on student interest, faculty availability, and scheduling. They may include: Art, Ceramics, Choral Music, Band, General Music, Drama/Theater, Web Design, American Democracy, Law, Public Speaking, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish III, and Journalism/Yearbook. 


Fine Arts

In addition to fine art classes, St. Aloysius students have the opportunity to join the Purple Pride Marching Band and they can participate in the choir and school plays. St. Francis students have weekly art and music classes and they participate in music programs. The Keynote Singers group competes in local competitions. Beginner band is offered for fifth and sixth graders.  

Academic Competitions

High school students may be selected for Math and Science Team, Quiz Bowl, Robotics Team and Mock Trial Team. Junior high students may sign up and compete in Science Olympiad, Math Counts and Geography Bee. Elementary students compete in Math Counts, Robotics Teams, Spelling Bees, Reading Fairs and Science Fairs.



St. Francis students are invited to participate in football, cheerleading, basketball, baseball, etc. sponsored by local community organizations. St. Aloysius fields several junior high/middle school, junior varsity and varsity teams. St. Francis sixth graders may participate in some St. Aloysius sports. Seventh and eighth graders may also participate with high school students on varsity/junior varsity teams. St. Aloysius promotes student participation in multiple sports. Numerous graduates have been recruited to play at NCAA and NJCAA colleges and universities. The St. Aloysius athletic program is governed by the MAIS. We are a AAA school often competing with AAAA schools. All eligibility requirements of the MAIS apply. See Section VI of the AAC Handbook on the MAIS website for details.


Honor Societies

Eligible students (Grades 10-12) may be inducted in Mu Alpha Theta and National Honor Society. Eligible students (Grades 8-9) may be inducted in National Junior Honor Society.



Junior high and high school students may be elected by their peers for Student Government Association. High school students may apply and be selected for Retreat Team.


Mentoring Program

The mentoring program pairs a first-time St. Aloysius student with an older student who serves as a mentor to help students make the transition during their first year at St. Aloysius.



All students (Grades 6-12) experience an annual one-day retreat with fellow classmates to grow spiritually as children of God. Seniors attend a multi-day retreat and mission trip.


Service Clubs

Interested St. Aloysius students may sign up annually for Environmental Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Key Club, or Liturgical Team.



Service learning activities foster a spirit of volunteering that will encourage students and graduates to remain active in the community as adults.  This teaches students that faith is not just a personal response to God’s love, but is also a communal response to love one another as Jesus taught us.  St. Francis students participate in monthly community pantry collections and numerous projects throughout the year. St. Aloysius students are required to perform a minimum number of service hours each quarter. Service hours are reported on a log form and computed as part of the student’s Theology grade.


Standardized Testing

Historically, the average performance of VCS students is above average as compared to others in the nation and our state. Results are used for assessing achievement.  Testing for graduation/promotion does not apply.  

ACT Aspire (Grades 3-10)     

PSAT (Grades 10-11)             

ASVAB (Grades 11-12)           

College Board Advanced Placement Exams

ACT & SAT (National test sites – not at VCS)


ACT Composite Averages (Graduating Seniors)

            St. Aloysius:    State:  National:

2013:               21.7     18.9     20.9

2014:               23.3     19.0     21.0

2015:               24.9     19.0     21.0

2016:               22.3     18.5     20.8



Tutorial Program

All St. Aloysius students have the opportunity to attend a before-school tutorial program for additional assistance. Each subject has a designated day of the week.