VCS Awards & Scholarships (Seniors)

Lombard Burns Memorial Award

The Lombard Burns Memorial Award is awarded each year on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and dedication.

Anna Lamanilao (2021)

Elizabeth Keen (2020)

Claire Jamison (2019)

Ryan Jarratt (2018)

Charlie Martin (2017)

Grace Burnett (2016)

Maggie Waites (2015)


Anthony Cozzani Memorial Award

The recipients of the Anthony Cozzani Memorial Scholarship and his or her family should share the love of Vicksburg Catholic School and Catholic education exemplified by Anthony and Rose Cozzani. In choosing this award, serious consideration was given to:

  • The student’s involvement in school function
  • The student’s contribution to the Vicksburg Catholic School family
  • The student’s consistent effort and commitment to continuing education
  • And the dedication and involvement of his or her parents in Vicksburg Catholic School functions.

Taylor Chewning (2021)

Adam Eckstein and Coleman Verhine (2020)

Mattie Carlyle Derivaux and Elise Piazza (2019)

Adrienne Eckstein and Anne Stewart Piazza (2018)

Anna Kate Doiron and Brandon Teller (2017)

Lyndsey Cowart and Rett Verhine (2016)

Sarah Ruth Andrews, Luke Eckstein, and Laura Phillips (2015)      


Alan Ebersole Memorial Award

In the spring of 2006, members of the St. Aloysius Class of 2003 established the Bruce Alan Ebersole, Jr. Memorial Endowment in honor of their late classmate.  Included in the endowment were guidelines for the establishment of this Memorial Award. This award, to be presented annually by a representative of the Class of 2003, is intended to recognize an exceptional male or female student from the graduating senior class.  The guidelines stipulate that the award recipient be chosen by a simple majority vote of the current faculty members at St. Aloysius High School based on the following criteria:

He/She has earned a cumulative, unweighted grade point average of 3.75 or greater (continue)

  • He/She must be actively involved (a letter earned) in at least one varsity sport
  • He/She has been actively involved in at least one community service organization or substantial, long-term service project
  • He/She has most consistently demonstrated the ability to serve as a positive, effective, and resourceful leader
  • He/She has most consistently demonstrated exceptionally high degrees of integrity and moral character.

Ashley Jarratt (2021)

Adam Eckstein (2020)

Andrew Ulmer (2019)

Connor Clark (2018)

Ben Brown (2017)

Lane Hynum (2016)

Bash Brown (2015)


PTO Scholarship

The Vicksburg Catholic PTO sponsors this award for a graduate who, by vote of the faculty, deserves recognition for being the class “unsung hero.” This person might not be an honor grad or student body president but, in the opinion of teachers and administrators, is a really good student who has been plugging along just doing right all these years and deserves some recognition for it.

In giving this scholarship, the PTO also honors someone who has been prominent in Catholic education with the presentation. 

Courtney and Bob Houser (2021)

Jill and Paul Pierce (2019)

Cathi and Scott Verhine (2018)


Kirby Field (2016)



Unsung Hero Scholarship

Sam Bunch (2021)

Addie Shaw Buckner (2020)

Randy Graves (2019)

Gray Houser (2018)

Hannah Cranfield (2017)

Justin Goodwin (2016)

Joseph Jabour and Katrinka Wayne (2015)



Bishop Joseph Brunini Memorial Award, is sponsored by the Vicksburg Catholic School Alumni Association.  We honor a senior girl and a senior boy, not by vote of faculty, but by the vote of the senior class, and are being recognized as people who have tried to live the life modeled by Bishop Brunini.  Joseph Brunini served this diocese as Bishop from 1956 until 1984. But before he became a priest, he attended school here at St. Francis Xavier and St. Aloysius. He was a member of the Class of 1926.  As a student, he studied hard and did well.  He was very active in sports, playing and excelling in football, baseball, and basketball.


A simple man in many respects, Joseph Brunini was unique. His love of God and neighbor permeated every facet of his being and life. He was also a man who treasured life’s joys. He presided over this diocese during some turbulent times. As shepherd of his flock, he worked hard to provide a better environment for clergy, religious and laity.


To him, neighbor was everyone, including rich and poor, white and black, man and woman, Catholic or Protestant, no restrictions whatsoever. He was a man who believed that action spoke louder than words. He worked continuously to keep his diocese involved in building the Kingdom.

Bishop Brunini lived his life based on love of God and love of neighbor. We honor Bishop Brunini for the life he led, the ideals he followed, and the courage he displayed.


Anna Scott Geter and Hunter McBride (2021)

Adam Eckstein, Elizabeth Keen, and Kieran Theriot (2020)

Sarah Jane Pierce and Sean Simpson (2019)

Ryan Jarratt and Sarah Thomas (2018)

Victoria Daily, Abby Grant, Channing Curtis (2017)

Grace Burnett and Joshua Brown (2016)

Caroline Webb and Bash Brown (2015)



Service is an important part of our senior program.  Service can be expressed in various ways.  In the routine of the day’s work, many opportunities arise to help others.  It is the willingness to work without monetary compensation or without recognition for the benefit of those in need. This year’s winner has helped in a special way in our school, in our community, and in his church. 


Anna Lamanilao (2021)

Elizabeth Keen (2020)

Andrew Ulmer (2019)

Ryan Jarratt (2018)

Anna Kate Doiron (2017)

Rett Verhine (2016)

Sarah Ruth Andrews (2015)



Spirit is a quality that is hard to define.  The concept of this award extends beyond someone who has a lot of school spirit – the recipient should embody the spirit of our school.  The winner is someone who understands what we are all about and who has tried to live that every day. 


Taylor Chewning (2021)

Anna Ware Brown (2020)

Mattie Derivaux (2019)

Sarah Thomas (2018)

Ben Brown (2017)

DeMichael Harris (2016)

Taylor Lee (2015)



The following award is for leadership. Taking the lead is often a difficult road in high school, because those seeking to be leaders must put themselves and their ideas on the line for all to see and criticize. Student leaders must be willing to put the interest of the school at large before their own interests. Good leaders are willing to share the credit when things go well and, just as importantly, to accept responsibility when they don’t.


Natalie Burke (2021)

Parker Brown (2020)

Madalyn Burke (2019)

Connor Clark (2018)

Brandon Teller (2017)

Grace Burnett (2016)

Bash Brown (2015)




We present the Robert K. Foley Scholarship in honor of a St. Aloysius graduate who was a member of the Class of 1993. Robert served as Student Body President, was a four-year letterman in football, served on the Parish Council at St. Paul Catholic Church, was a member of the Knights of Columbus, and a proud parent of two beautiful girls: Katelynn and Elizabeth. This scholarship, created by his classmates, is selected from among the Service, Spirit and Leadership Award winners because all three of these award recipients have exhibited characteristics of the way that Robert lived his life. The recipient of this year’s award will receive a $1000 Scholarship.


Taylor Chewning (2021)

Elizabeth Keen (2020)

Andrew Ulmer (2019)

Sarah Thomas (2018)

Ben Brown (2017)

DeMichael Harris (2016)

Bash Brown (2015)